Caregiver of Alzheimer's patient? Our DVDs help calm and relax person with Alzheimer's

What Caregivers Say about the DVDs


“I work in a Memory care unit with 32 residents with various forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  It is a challenging and demanding environment to be in day after day trying to meet the needs of so many.  Purchasing a number of videos from Lake Solitude Media has brought relief, refreshment, encouragement and comfort to our residents and care staff. The beautiful photography combined with the familiar music has been an oasis for our souls. Thank you Lake Solitude Media for designing these videos with this specific population in mind.  You have done a fantastic job!”

Sally Dutra

Life Enrichment Coordinator, Oregon


"I am a live-in caregiver for a 74 year old elderly woman with Alzheimer's. She often becomes agitated and restless throughout the day and evening. However, since I started using Lake Solitude Video's DVDs as a relaxation tool, my struggles have diminished considerably. The scenic views, calming music and sounds of nature have captured the woman's attention. At times she becomes calm and tranquil, and at other times she becomes sleepy and takes a nap. I highly recommend these videos."

Rosita Nunez, Live-In Caregiver, Casper, WY


"Greg, all the videos came. They are WONDERFUL! Thank you for giving my mom and me something to share at this difficult time. Happy Holidays."

Doreen B., New York


"I think the video is wonderful. We use it a couple times a week with our Alzheimer's residents after meals. Our other residents enjoy watching the DVD in the lobby area."

Mary Ann Starkland, Crestview Nursing Home, Ottawa, KS


"Our Alzheimer's patients really enjoy it. We use it for some of our small group activities, and it holds their attention. We have also used it as a prelude to our 'movie nights' for the other residents, and they have really liked watching it."

Vivian Barry, Papillion Manor Inc., Papillion, NE


"The video works well for our residents because it relaxes them. I use it in small groups and one to one sessions with the Alzheimer's residents. It's nice because it keeps them focused even with their short attention span."

Barbara Trute, Yuma Life Care Center, Yuma, CO


"Our Alzheimer's residents love these programs! It holds their attention, and we've had people watch these DVDs who I didn't think would watch television any more. They seem to really enjoy watching the scenery and hearing the music."

Becky Finger, Life Care Center, Casper, WY


"They enjoy it very much. We put it on in the afternoon in our sun room, and it seems to have a calming effect."

Mary Miller, Christian Care Center, Mesquite, TX


"The video is very nice. Our Alzheimer's residents really do enjoy it."

Diane Albaugh, Valley Vista Manor, Lewistown, MT