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Nature DVDs

Calming, relaxing entertainment without narration.


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Magnificent Birds

Travel with us around the United States as we visit some of the most awe-inspiring habitats of North American birds. See the beauty of birds as they soar, fly in formation, swim and dance. A vast array of swans, cranes, ducks, geese, hawks, eagles and hummingbirds display their beautiful plumage and intricate behavior. The soundtrack consists of classical music by Beethoven, Chopin and Debussy, plus other relaxing music.

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Spring & Summer

      Enjoy stunning scenery from the aromatic lavender fields of Provence, smile with the sunflowers and watch bees hopping from one flower to another.
     Get great Summer vibes from sun-kissed beaches and glowing sunsets over the Mediterranean sea, spend long evenings under the soft Scandinavian Midnight Sun and envelope yourself with beautiful scenes of unspoilt rivers and dramatic mountains.
     Wonder at the delicate butterflies arriving with the Spring and at romantic scenes of colorful flowers in English gardens, and wander through the bulb fields of Holland and surround yourself with endless varieties of tulips. Sit by a smooth lake reflecting the beauty of a sunrise sky and watch the ducks floating past with their cute chicks.
     Six beautiful films are set to specially composed music from Denise Young and offer the opportunity for an hour of peace.



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Butterflies and Flowers

Enjoy amazing walks through a great variety of flower fields and watch the beautiful butterflies as they dance around the flowers, searching for nectar. Watch the fragile beautiful of a rare passion flower and marvel at romantic roses, bright yellow sunflowers and daisies in all the colors of the rainbow. The slowly-changing images provide a deep relaxation. Enjoy close-up images of flowers and butterflies with beautiful patterns.

Three nature tracks are complemented by soothing music. Nature sounds accompany two tracks with slowly-changing images to enhance the natural experience.



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Beautifully blended scenes of nature with relaxing music and natural sounds.

     Tulips, from cinematographer Tony Helsloot, was filmed at the world-famous Keukenhof Spring gardens and in the surrounding bulb fields of South Holland in the Netherlands.

     The DVD has four relaxing films set to the calming and inspiring music of Simon Daum and two films with the sounds of nature.
     Films feature spectacular displays of tulips in every colour, shape and form imaginable, delicate daffodils from pure white to the deepest gold plus a huge array of colourful mixed flowers.
     Soothing Scenes and the sounds of nature offer further relaxation with slowly-changing shots of the fresh Spring flowers and intriguing bulb fields. All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically and the DVD has Play All functions.


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The Living Ocean

     Experience the many wonders of the deep as you glide through colorful coral reefs, watch turtles 'flying' through the blue water and marvel at the amazing fish and animal life.
     'Underwater Wonders' is an hour-long film set to relaxing music, showing spectacular and rare marine animals. 
     Artistically filmed by Klemens Gann and edited by Tony Helsloot, The Underwater Wonders DVD shows you all the beauty beneath the waves. 
     Experience an unforgettable diving adventure and discover unusual species such as the vivid red file shell clam with its electric pulses, the ghost pipefish which is almost invisible due to its perfect camouflage, the vibrant colors of harlequin shrimps or the wonderful thresher shark with its sweeping tail.